2021-2022 Prospectus


Still We Rise

After a year and a half that none of us could have predicted, and the repeated racial injustices that brought this country to its knees, we have all been challenged to reimagine how we approach every aspect of our lives, including our work to create more just and equitable communities. As a “change association,” this is our challenge and an opportunity to recalibrate how we serve our members, who share the common goal of ensuring everyone has an affordable place called home. We hold space for the events and conditions that got us here and still commit to the work moving forward. We remain dedicated to convening, educating and activating our membership collective, centering racial equity in all that we do. As we become stronger, so do our communities. Join us on the path as we learn from each other, build connections and agitate for brighter days ahead.




Providing space and place for cultivation of critical partnerships in support of our mission.


High-quality trainings and cross-sector, cross-border learnings to ensure our member’s success.


Leveraging the power of our member base to influence affordable housing advocacy and policies in our region.

The HAND Impact


2021 – 2022 Sponsor Prospectus | How to get started

Ask yourself this question: What is most important to my organization over the next 12 months? If your answer is… channeling your team’s thought leadership, supporting advocacy work to influence public policy,  or putting your name behind programs that resonate with your values, check out the Program Sponsor Benefits. If your answer is branding, increasing exposure and business development, the Annual Meeting Sponsor Benefits are a good place to start.

The key to navigating the sponsorship opportunities below is identifying your organization’s priority first, and then determining which level is the best fit for your organization. And remember each sponsorship still includes HAND’s membership benefits and a suite of branding perks!

Questions? Contact Heather Raspberry, Executive Director at hraspberry@handhousing.org to discuss your options or create a custom package. 


Branding Perks !

As a HAND sponsor, you unlock a suite of branding opportunities including:

• Key placement on the website and social media platforms
• Integrated branding in programs and learnings
• Promotion in Annual Meeting & Housing Expo collateral
• Logo placement in weekly e-blast distributed to 10,000 inboxes

Program Sponsor Benefits

HAND offers a robust training and capacity building schedule curated with our diverse membership in mind. Real estate conditions, policy shifts, and unpredictable budgets require industry practitioners and institutions to be nimble in their approaches to developing and preserving affordable housing. With this in mind, we design our programming to foster valuable relationships as well as the exchange of critical information.

Learn about what programs your sponsorship will support!


Digital Advertising 

Advertising with HAND means your brand is integrated with premium placements guaranteed to reach your target audience. With four communications issued each month to 10,000+ inboxes, you don’t want to miss out on this prime marketing opportunity! 

  • Available Dimensions:
    • Main Banner: 600 x 150
    • Section Header: 300 x 200
    • Column Topper: 205 x 75
    • Tall Column: 205 x 500
  • Ads created in collaboration and support by HAND’s design team
  • Tiered a la carte options available


Program Sponsorship Benefits & Pricing


Training & Program
Sponsor Benefits

 Annual Meeting  
Sponsor Benefits

  Sponsorship of Program  Digital 
Branding Perks Dues Waived Conference Tickets Expo Table  Program AD Book
Needle Mover
20 Tickets
One Full Page
10 Tickets
One Full Page

(Option 1)

(Option 2)
10 Tickets
Half Page

Tribute Sponsor
$4,500 (Nonprofit, Gov.)
$5,500 (For-profit)

  10 Tickets Half Page

Annual Meeting & Housing Expo
Conference Benefits

The industry’s leading conference welcoming a cross-sector collective of 1,000+ leaders in affordable housing and community development in the Capital Region. This annual conference provides our members and partners a unique platform to hear from policymakers and key stakeholders, connect with each other and celebrate the work HAND members are doing to create equitable communities. Not to mention the presentation of the Housing Achievement Awards and Children’s Essay Contest!

Annual Meeting Sponsorship Benefits & Pricing

   Annual Meeting & Housing Expo Conference Benefits
  Speaker Role Dues Waived Branding Perks Conference Tickets  Expo Table Program  
Ad Book 
Lead Sponsor(s)
20 Tickets One Full Page
Video Sponsor
  15 Tickets
Half Page

Technology Sponsor

  15 Tickets ◆  Half Page

Entertainment Sponsor

  12 Tickets ◆  Half Page