Determined By Design

Consultant & Sole Practitioner Member

June 2, 2017

Determined by Design specializes in the creation of beautiful, functional and stimulating interior spaces that enable the progress of people and their neighborhoods. In partnership with integrated teams, the firm provides full service interior design for multifamily affordable and supportive housing properties, boutique hotels and small businesses located in economically challenged and emerging communities.

The Determined by Design team is driven by a commitment to establish exceptional interior design as a standard for all, rather than a luxury for few. From real estate developers to architects, and property owners to entrepreneurs — the firm collaborates with many who share a common vision of uplifting lives and enriching places.

Known for being intimate, invested and intentional in approach — the firm’s designers have bonds to the communities they work in, and fully research all directions to present design solutions they emphatically stand by. On every project, Determined by Design leads with price-conscious decision making and leverages strong relationships with suppliers to produce high quality design and durable solutions at any budget.

2024 Naylor Rd. SE #301
Washington, DC 20020
Kia Weatherspoon