Open Door Housing Fund

Non-Profit Member

July 30, 2013

The OpenDoor Housing Fund (OpenDoor) is a tax-exempt organization dedicated to community growth and development in the District of Columbia Metropolitan Area (DCMV). OpenDoor fills the critical gaps in the financing of affordable housing for low and moderate income residents. Our end-use client populations include the homeless, working class communities and communities vulnerable to homelessness such as the elderly, domestic violence victims and low-income individuals/families. We have over 20 years of experience in responding to beleaguered communities’ need for financial access, capacity and sustainability. OpenDoor partners with forward-thinking investors, benefactors, developers and with other local, state and federal organizations in order to create the financial, strategic and technical assistance that’s required to develop economically strong and diverse communities. In addition to serving socially responsible investors; socially responsible philanthropists and community developers, OpenDoor now provides direct community development services.

Open Door Housing Fund
P.O. Box 7610
Washington, DC 20044-7610
Jerry Konohia

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