Organizational Assistance LLC

Consultant & Sole Practitioner Member

January 4, 2019

• A career of over 35 years focused on enabling people at the community level to achieve change
• Bringing sound planning and management approaches to work in an activist setting
• An approach grounded in the values of social activism and economic justice, cooperative group engagement, and pragmatic practices focused on achieving significant results

Consulting and Technical Assistance
• Clients including community development, organizing, advocacy, early childhood education, and service providers
• Services including project management, organizational development, trouble-shooting and turnaround of underperforming projects, coaching, evaluation, retreat facilitation, and strategic planning, social enterprise

Provider of consulting services to nonprofits, specializing in enabling groups to successfully carry out their projects. The focus is on empowering groups, so they can pursue their critically important work of empowering their communities. Special focus on helping groups whose projects are “stuck”: in predevelopment where the group is unable to move the project forward, or is struggling with achieving the project’s goals after completion.
Services include:
• Assessing capacity, including projecting organizational resources and risks
• Organization development, troubleshooting and turnaround
• Project planning and management
• Assembling and coordinating the work of a development team
• Project financing
• Troubled projects – assessing critical issues, developing stakeholder buy—in on turnaround plans, managing turnaround
• Asset Management
• Training for staff and Boards

5405 35th Ave
Hyattsville, MD 20782
Bob Brehm