Pirhl Developers, LLC

For-Profit Member

February 14, 2013

PIRHL is a full-service developer, general contractor and owner of high quality single-family and multi-family housing. PIRHL’s approach is predicated on leveraging the unique skills and perspectives of locally based community partners who deeply understand the dynamics and specific needs within their market. By collaborating with some of the most highly accomplished non-profit housing developers in the business, PIRHL’s developments are invariably more exceptional.

To date, the company has developed 48 properties and over 3,910 units, serving clients in the following regions: Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Southeast.

PIRHL’s integrated approach helps to simplify the development process from conception to completion. Working together, we build lasting relationships with our community-based partners, providing a better product and helping to ensure long-term operational excellence.

Pirhl Developers, LLC
800 W. St. Clair Avenue, 4th Floor
Cleveland, OH 44113
Misty Elek, Originations Manager