Urban Focus LLC

Consultant & Sole Practitioner Member

November 21, 2013


Established in 2007, Urban Focus supports conscientious and successful redevelopment. Urban Focus promotes a careful and methodical approach to assist public & private sector clients with an emphasis on public/private partnerships, and supports organizations in their efforts to better their neighborhoods. Their expertise is in housing, retail and mixed use developments. They provide technical assistance to organizations in all areas of the development process and at all scales of redevelopment. Their mission is to promote sustainable urban infill development and they fully recognize the complexities involved in the successful completion of these projects.  Urban Focus Principal, Alexandra Stroud has worked in commercial, mixed use development and multi‐family housing in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Florida, New York, New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region.

Urban Focus
1627 Irving St, NW
Washington DC 20010
Alexandra Stroud, Principal