The Capital Region of Baltimore, Washington and Richmond overflows with wealth and resources. Our super-region boasts the third largest economy in the United States, and seventh largest economy in the world, housing one of the country’s most talented workforces, world-class universities and the U.S. federal government. Simultaneously, we face a housing affordability crisis that has no sign of slowing down. The District alone has approximately 39,500 extremely low-income renter households who pay over 30 percent of their income on housing — enough people to fill the Capital One Arena more than three times over. To move beyond making incremental progress to address the region’s housing affordability crisis, it will require a concerted effort across sectors and geographic lines working in partnership with the communities HAND members serve.



As a leading collective of changemakers bringing diverse expertise, HAND members’ collaboration is critical to bringing communities together where all have an opportunity to thrive. Representing the ecosystem of partners who collaborate in bringing equitable communities to fruition, HAND works to disrupt the systems that perpetuate inequity. We do this by embedding racial equity into our operations, practices, and programming, and activating our membership through policy forums and advocacy designed to drive impact for black and brown communities residing at the sharpest intersections of inequity. 



Our goal is to empower our communities by empowering our HAND collective, whose partnership is critical to the creation and preservation of affordable housing. By increasing our members’ capacity, we equip them with tools to operate more efficiently, create innovative approaches to their work and ultimately build better opportunities for individuals across the region. Today we serve nearly 2,500 members each year through our suite of program offerings. From the traditional trainings that members have valued since the early days, to customized workshops that enhance job performance, to GenerationHAND sessions designed for emerging leaders, HAND is intentional in meeting our members’ greatest needs. In turn, they can leverage the knowledge and partnerships they cultivate into housing, services and programs that benefit our communities.

Looking ahead, HAND recognizes it has an important role in the future of our region. HAND envisions a future where black and brown communities share equitably in the knowledge, wealth and resources uniquely represented in and between Baltimore, Washington and Richmond. The organization has dedicated itself to using its unique platform to influence affordable housing programs by way of its regional policy activations, including the Housing Indicator Tool. Most importantly, HAND is placing racial equity at the center of all that we do. We stand ready to do this important work, and look forward to the day when all individuals have an opportunity to thrive.










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HAND is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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