APAH Resident Services 2023: Residents Making the Most of Their Home

December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023

APAH’s Mission
APAH’s mission extends far beyond four walls and a roof. As a nonprofit developer, we address regional affordable housing needs by developing and preserving quality affordable apartments while providing programs and services to empower residents to make the most of their home. Real estate development is just the beginning of APAH’s work. In addition to housing stability, we prioritize economic mobility; health, wellness, and senior support; children, youth, and families; and community engagement through onsite programming across our properties. APAH recognizes that when a stable home is combined with effective services and programs, it can be life-changing.

Prioritizing Resident Voice
Since 2012, residents have been members of APAH’s board of directors, bringing their lived experience to the table to shape and enrich APAH’s priorities and strategic decision-making. Including APAH residents at the board level provides invaluable perspective as we develop innovative programming to meet residents’ varying needs. To add another platform to gather resident feedback as APAH’s portfolio of properties grows regionally, APAH’s Resident Advisory Council launched in 2022. Resident representatives from each of APAH’s 21 properties volunteer monthly by meeting with staff to help shape programming and priorities for APAH communities. In addition, onsite resident services staff build rapport with residents daily at each property and design programs to help address resident-identified challenges and barriers. Residents are surveyed by onsite coordinators upon move-in so that APAH can learn about each family’s or individual’s goals and dreams. By working hand in hand with residents, we understand who they are, what their needs are, and how to best support their journey.

Residents Making the Most of Their Home 
The lifeblood of APAH communities is the residents who call an APAH apartment “home.” Families cooking a meal, children finishing homework, seniors sharing a coffee, and neighbors learning about each other are what make APAH communities special. By elevating resident stories in APAH’s communication strategy, we highlight the joys and resilience of our neighbors. Programs such as the Latino College Access Club, now in its second cohort due to a partnership with the Virginia Latino Higher Education Network and admissions expert Lyons Sanchezconch, is getting students college-ready by lowering access barriers around tools like the FAFSA process. The Snowden’s Ridge Diamonds Dance Team is unleashing the creative spirit of young girls and teens under the leadership of APAH’s onsite coordinator, LaNia Dixon. APAH is supporting the older adult population in the region at its newest senior residences by providing wellness programming, transportation assistance, social connections, and much more.

APAH believes that everyone deserves a place to call home–a foundation to live their dreams, and we will continue to work to make the region more equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

We hope this latest video inspires the HAND community to prioritize using every creative tool we can to elevate residents’ voices. Doing so with dynamic storytelling that showcases the dignity of the families that call our properties home, will, we hope, help move the needle on the critical housing and funding needed to support residents in the region.  


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