What is GenerationHAND?
At the core of HAND’s mission is building the capacity of its members to support the development of thriving communities across the Capital Region of Baltimore, Washington and Richmond. With this mission in mind, HAND recognized a need to cultivate a pipeline to support the next generation of community development professionals, and in 2015 GenerationHAND was born.

The goal of this initiative is to provide needed tools and guidance to our “emerging leaders” as they pursue successful careers in the public and private sector. Through a wide variety of activities, we strive to embolden leaders so that they are positioned to sustain the creation and preservation of housing that is affordable. HAND’s Braintrust Committee acts as an advisor to the initiative, ensuring the content and activities presented provide meaningful opportunities for emerging leaders.

What We Do

GenerationHAND Dialogues
“Fireside Chat” style dialogues with industry veterans. These sessions are unique opportunities for emerging leaders to connect with housing and community development trailblazers.

Volunteer Opportunities
Special opportunities for “on-the-ground” engagement in communities throughout the Capital Region. These events serve as a reminder of WHY we do the work.

Fundraiser & Scholarships
GenerationHAND hosts an annual fundraiser, from which all proceeds directly support scholarships awarded to graduate students studying real estate, urban planning and other fields within community development. Scholarship recipients are honored at HAND’s Holiday Mixer held in December.

Who Can Attend GenerationHAND Activities?
Everyone! Although GenerationHAND programming is targeted towards emerging leaders, a critical component of the initiative is the connection forged between rising professionals and seasoned experts.

Get Involved

Be in the Know
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Mark Your Calendar
Keep up with all GenerationHAND activities on HAND’s program calendar!