A Day in the Life of a Child

A Housing Affordability Public Service Announcement Series

Have you ever thought about who needs affordable housing? This public service announcement (PSA) campaign raises awareness around the relationship between housing affordability and the average take home pay of some of our most valued members of society: the professionals who take care of our children.

Have you seen this PSA?

A Day in the Life… A Nurse

Sponsored by District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development, HAND has launched the first PSA in the “Day in the Life of a Child” series. Promoted on Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) metro buses and rail platforms for the month of June, this initial concept focuses on a nurse (LPN) who earns the average salary of $45,900/year and highlights the disparity between the nurse’s income and what’s really needed to be able to afford a two-bedroom apartment in the D.C. area ($58,760/year). According to HUD’s affordability formula, a nurse would need to earn thousands of dollars more to be able to adequately afford the home. Including rent, what else does our nurse have to pay for? Food, utilities, health/dental care, child care, transportation, insurance, clothing, savings, etc.

Housing that is affordable is essential to the Washington region’s economic growth, a thriving business community and high quality of life for our workforce and most importantly our children.

Data for the PSA series is supplied by
National Housing Conference Paycheck to Paycheck
online tool.

Housing Affordability PSA Partners

Department of Housing and Community Development

The mission of the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is to create and preserve opportunities for affordable housing and economic development and to revitalize underserved communities in the District of Columbia.

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HAND is proud to have them as our government sponsor for the WMATA PSA series.

National Housing Conference

The National Housing Conference (NHC) is dedicated to helping ensure safe, decent and affordable housing for all in America. As a division of NHC, the Center for Housing Policy specializes in solutions through research, working to broaden understanding of America’s affordable housing challenges and examine the impact of policies and programs developed to address these needs.

Paycheck to Paycheck is the National Housing Conference’s online tool that compares the median wages of workers in 80 different occupations to median housing costs in 210 metro areas. Policy makers and affordable housing advocates can use the Paycheck to Paycheck tool to find out which workers face challenges in accessing affordable homes to rent or buy and use the data to demonstrate the need for more affordable housing in their community.

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HAND thanks NHC for the use of its dedicated research reflected in its 2014 Paycheck to Paycheck interactive tool.

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If you are a government agency interested in sponsoring one of the upcoming PSAs, let us know! Email Heather Raspberry, hraspberry@handhousing.org, and we’ll be in touch.

On June 25, 2021, HAND celebrated its 30th anniversary with an immersive virtual experience designed to inspire, create space for ideation, and strengthen the relationships that are vital to the creation of equitable communities. Check out the recap below to hear reflections on the organization’s past three decades, perspectives from industry thought leaders and powerful insights from our 2021 Housing Achievement Award Winner slate.


The history of our nation is tainted with smears of systemic racism and discrimination from the very first steps of settlers onto American land. In 1619, a ship carrying the first enslaved Africans arrived at Point Comfort in Virginia. Just 15 years later, colonizers would make contact with Piscataway Conoy – the largest and most powerful tribal nation in our region, with a footprint that extended across DC, Maryland, Virginia and even further into the Mid-Atlantic. The dark days that followed laid the foundation for systems, policies, and programs that are still with us to this very day. HAND is standing firm in its commitment to centering equity, and as we recognize the milestone of 30 years, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that we have been battling the same challenges for hundreds of years. Still here in celebration. Still here in challenge. We remain dedicated to working alongside you to address the root causes that amplify housing disparities and restrict access to opportunity for communities of color. We celebrate, but we also say their names. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Piscataway Conoy. And so many others. THANK YOU to all of our speakers, sponsors, members, partners and guests who attended this year’s Annual Meeting & Housing Expo. We truly appreciate your commitment to creating a more just and equitable region. Check out the recap below to hear reflections on the past three decades, perspectives from industry thought leaders and insights from our award winners.


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Expo Hall and Social Lounge Open


9:05 AM – 9:40 AM        
Honoring Native Land | Piscataway Conoy                       


Three Decades of Reflection | HAND Leadership 

HAND leadership reflects on the organization’s 30-year journey.


Jill Norcross
Former Executive Director, HAND
Heather Raspberry
Executive Director
 John Spencer

9:40 AM – 2:00 PM

Ignite Talk Correspondents
Also known as the “griots” or storytellers for the day, Gaskins and Andere provided key context for each Ignite Talk and offered insightful analysis on each dialogue. 

Alyia Gaskins
Founder and CEO
CitiesRX, LLC
Amanda Andere
Funders Together to 
End Homelessness

Equity In Action | Removing the Barriers, Unlocking Access for Black & Brown Developers
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Even in the midst of the growing housing affordability challenge, black and brown real estate developers are still met with the obstacle of accessing the capital needed to execute their plans to revitalize communities. Confronting the idea of “a seat at the table,” this moderated dialogue featured leaders in finance and real estate development who spoke candidly about these difficulties and solutions to drive more equitable outcomes for HAND members and other stakeholders.


Catherine Buell
Head of
Community Development
Amazon in the Community
Ellis Carr
President & CEO
Capital Impact Partners
Brett Macleod
Executive Director
JPMorgan Chase
Steve Rosenberg
CEO & Founder
Ernst Valery
Co-Managing Member
Adrian Washington
CEO & Founder
Neighborhood Development Company

Putting the Community Back in Community Development
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Warning: This video features explicit language.

The GateBridge Community represents an innovative approach to mixed-income, mixed-use affordable housing – one that centers placemaking, closing the racial wealth gap, and building more diverse, inclusive, and equitable economies. This captivating discussion examined the GateBridge model from the perspectives of its founder Professor Anthony Cook and the development, philanthropic, and investor partners needed to bring it to fruition.


Mustafa Abdul- Salaam
 Managing Partner
Community Economic Development Partners
Anthony Cook
Professor of Law
Georgetown University
Vance Gragg 
Gragg Cardona Partners
Dan Tangherlini
Managing Director
Emerson Collective
Ed Delany
Senior Director 
Senior Capital Officer
Community Finance
Capital One
A Conversation with Dr. Andre M. Perry |
Know Your Price:
Valuing Black Lives and Property in
America’s Black Cities
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The deliberate devaluation of communities of color has had very real, far-reaching, and negative economic and social effects. There is a longstanding myth claiming that brutal conditions in Black communities are mainly the result of Black people’s collective choices and moral failings. Dr. Andre Perry’s publication, Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities, takes readers on a tour of six Black-majority cities whose assets and strengths are undervalued. This exciting and informative dialogue explored his findings and what this means for our industry.


Dr. Andre Perry
Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives
and Property in America’s Black Cities
Monica Warren-Jones
President, HAND
Capital Solutions, Enterprise
Susan Dewey
Chief Executive Officer
Virginia Housing

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Expo Hall & Social Lounge

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Presentation of Housing Achievement Awards & Children’s Essay Contest

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Roderick Hirsch
Mortgage Area Sales Manager
PNC Bank
Derrick Perkins
SVP & Market Executive
Bank of America

Have you discovered your WHY?
President’s Choice Awardee Angie Rodgers shares her why.

Don’t miss your chance to listen to Children’s Essay Contest Winner, Taamre Solen
share her gripping poem titled, “A Moment in Time.” 

Thank you to Enterprise Community Partners for Sponsoring the Essay Contest and Taamre’s Award Package: 
● A generous donor matched the original monetary award of $500, bringing the total to $1,000!
● A brand new Macbook Air
● The Big Life Journal, a growth mindset journal & planner for children
● A copy of Amanda Gorman’s Presidential Inauguration Poem,‘The Hill We Climb’
● A Notebook for her to continue penning her thoughts
● Participation in a poetry writing camp

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Closing Remarks and Honoring HAND’s Founder & Trailblazers


Heather Raspberry
Executive Director
 John Spencer
Monica Warren-Jones
President, HAND
Capital Solutions, Enterprise
Nina Janopaul Pam Mitchell Craig Pascal Brian Tracey    










The 2021 Housing Achievement Award & Children’s Essay Contest Winners!

Developer of the Year 
Arlington Partnership of Affordable Housing

Best Large Affordable Housing Project 
Crystal House Apartments 
Washington Housing Conservancy

Best Small Affordable Housing Project 
Ainger Place Apartments 
The Michaels Organization

Virginia Peters Nonprofit Friend 
Delegate Alfonso Lopez 
Virginia General Assembly

Emerging Leader 
Mansur Abdul-Malik 
The NHP Foundation

President’s Choice 
Angie Rodgers 
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer,
Economic Development,
Prince George’s County

Children’s Essay Contest Winner 
Taamre Solen, AHC Inc.

Thank You to Our Judges

Conrad Egan 
National Housing Policy Expert

Donna Gambrell
Appalachian Community Capital

Margaret McFarland, JD 
Founding Director 
Colvin Institute of
Real Estate Development


Check out the anniversary shout-outs 
from Elected Officials, HAND Members & Stakeholders, and HAND Staff & Board Members. YOUR voice is an integral part of the organization which is why we could not celebrate our 30th without you.

Thank you again for your well wishes!


Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Bozzuto Construction Company
Capital Impact Partners
Capital One
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Klein Hornig LLP
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
National Housing Trust
Nixon Peabody
PNC Bank
Reno & Cavanaugh PLLC
SC&H Group, Inc.
Virginia Housing
Wells Fargo


AHC, Inc.
Alexandria Housing Development Corporation 
Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing 
Community Solutions
Cornerstones Housing Corporation 
DC Department of Housing & Community Development
Fairfax County DHCD
Goldstein Hall PLLC
Harkins Builders
Hessel Aluise & O’Leary, P.C. 
Homes for America


Housing Initiative Partnership
Kaiser Permanente
Miles & Stockbridge PC
Mission First Housing Group
Neighborhood Development Company
NHP Foundation 
Telesis Corporation
The Community Builders, Inc.
Tiber Hudson
United Bank
University of Maryland 
Victory Housing 
Wesley Housing Development Corporation