Foundational Homes, LLC

For-Profit Member

February 16, 2018

Foundational Homes is a for profit company with a mission to stabilize families through Real Estate as we do business. We see Real Estate as the tried and true path to wealth in this country, and likewise, as a factor that separates the “have’s” from the “have not’s”. We do high quality rehabs on homes in a mid market price-point, and provide a down payment assistance program to the buyer of our homes. We strive to serve buyers identified through our non-profit partners who are active/retired/disabled military, first time homebuyers, or individuals/families who have experienced a challenging life event. The buyer must be able to qualify for a mortgage. We help them with down payment or closing cost assistance to help them get in an appreciating home that can transform their legacy.

Foundational Homes, LLC
10325 Kensington Pkwy, Suite 252
Kensington, MD 20895
Katherine Arredondo