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In 2020 HAND proudly started serving as a partner of When We All Vote, a non-profit, non-partisan organization launched by Michelle Obama in 2018. When We All Vote’s mission is to change the culture around voting, increase participation in every election, and help close the race and age voting gap. HAND is committed to placing racial equity at the center of all that we do, and voting rights are directly tied to this work. We all know the hard-fought struggles to gain voting rights for minorities, and to this day voter suppression runs rampant throughout our Black & Brown communities. HAND knows this work begins with engaging our members who own, operate and manage properties across the region, and last year you did not disappoint! We are pleased to report that we worked successfully with our members to ensure all voices were represented at the polls.

Last year together with HAND members, we registered over 1,000 voters!
THANK YOU for all of your hard work last year, and let’s continue to work together to spread the word about voting with your residents, colleagues and friends. Are you an organization, who needs help getting started in your voter registration efforts? Bookmark this page as a resource for everything you need to support voter registration in this year’s election, and check out the below resources:
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A  Note for Virginia Voters
  • QR Code – Make voter registration seamless by placing a QR code, readable by any smartphone, on a physical flyer, postcards, or event pamphlets. Visit the link and download the image.
  • Voter Registration Do’s and Don’ts – Learn important best practices to follow when registering voters.

Virginians will determine their next governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and members of the House of Delegates. Local offices are also up for grabs in some localities. You can leverage this page to share materials with your residents, family, friends and colleagues.

  • Early voting kicked off on September 17! Here is more information about Virginia’s general election voting timeline.