“Racism, racist policies, racist systems, and racist outcomes will
persist until it is in our economic, political, and cultural interests to choose otherwise.”

Ibram X. Kendi, Author, How to Be an Antiracist
The above quote was shared with our members during HAND’s Racial Equity Learning Series (March 2020).

To tell the story of HAND’s Housing Indicator Tool (HIT), we must start from the beginning: before COVID-19, before the Great Recession of the late 2000s, and even before the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Dating as far back as slavery, we have operated under a system that was rooted in an ideology that black, indigenous, and people of color were inferior to other races. Over hundreds of years, this structure has permeated our very way of life – from our education system to where we worship and even housing.

Redlining, racialized zoning and covenants, subprime mortgages, and disinvestment in black and brown communities are just a few of the ways in which this system has created barriers to opportunity over the course of decades. No matter how overt or subtle, this discrimination has always been designed to secure the dominance of some, and extract social and economic value from others. 

This pattern of systemic racism coupled with the ongoing housing affordability challenge in the Capital Region will require an all-hands-on-deck strategy to start carving a way forward. The HIT helps get us started in addressing racial and economic inequities through the vehicle of housing. This one-of-a-kind platform holds all of us accountable with the latest information on housing production across the region and a comparison with established local housing targets. Before jumping into the HIT, we invite you to read Compounding Interests, Compounding Inequities: Racism, Housing, and Our Region’s Responsibility to Act. This companion piece provides key context to support the jurisdictional data, highlights on successful models and more.

Compounding Interests, Compounding Inequities:
Racism, Housing, and Our Region’s Responsibility to Act

Start here to learn about the current state of affairs,
the challenges we face and the resources
jurisdictions can use to meet our housing goals.

Housing Indicator Tool: A Dashboard for Measuring Progress Towards Meeting Regional Housing Needs

Ready to crunch the numbers? Access each jurisdiction’s progress and the resources you need to engage decision-makers.

In Case You Missed It:
HIT Launch Recording & Presentation

An introduction to the tool, insights from practitioners on how the HIT can be leveraged across sectors, and perspectives from decision-makers across the region.


Take a look at this presentation to gain an understanding of why this tool exists, its significance, and why racial equity is key to the conversations about housing affordability.



We’ve got work to do. Regional problems, require regional solutions. Everyone should have access to housing that is affordable. If you’d like to join us in the movement to increase and preserve our supply of affordable housing across the Capital Region, the following are how we can start taking action now.

Executive Summary
Need a brief synopsis? Take a look at this broad overview of the Housing Indicator Tool. This summary will describe our region’s affordable housing challenge, provide a general analysis of the data collected on the dashboard, and recommended courses of action.

Executive Summary

Dive into the Data
Compare the current climate in each jurisdiction and use data to bolster your advocacy agenda. This database also serves as a hub for policy status, elected officials’ contact information, and population data for each of the 10 jurisdictions.

Access the Dashboard


Letter to Elected Officials
We need your voice! Use the below template to email your elected officials about the importance of prioritizing regional housing targets. Remember, you can find your elected official’s contact information on your jurisdiction’s scorecard.

  Email Template  

Tell Your Story
The My Right, My Fight campaign (MRMF) brings voices to the housing affordability challenge – from development professionals and community members. The stories share a common theme: the right to stay and the fight to ensure individuals can stay. 

   Tell Your Story    


Request a Presentation from the HIT Team
Do you represent a PTA, house of worship, private organization, or philanthropic group? Schedule a presentation from the HIT Team on how you and your organization can best serve as an ally?

  Connect With Us  

Keep the Conversation Going
We recognize that any progress in addressing housing affordability will require collaboration across the board. Engage your fellow peers in an open dialogue about the Housing Indicator Tool findings and the actions needed to push the needle forward.


Engage in activations hosted by HAND for private and public sector groups to understand their call to action.

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Stay Informed
Sign up for our Advocacy & Policy Alerts, and our other newsletters to stay in the know on HIT happenings.   

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Donate to HIT
Looking for a way to support this work? Consider making a donation to advance and sustain the HIT.

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The groups below are HAND members working on the ground and throughout the region to advocate for strong public policy that supports the equitable development of communities. We encourage you to use them as resources as well!





Keep the conversation going. Download this toolkit to support you in communications with elected officials, members of your community and other stakeholders.

Download the Tool Kit 



HAND is excited to host Activations throughout the year and to continue the conversation with jurisdictions represented in the tool. These dynamic sessions serve as a platform for key stakeholders to dialogue around strategies to create and preserve equitable housing. Keep an eye on our website to stay abreast of upcoming programs, and you can check out our most recent Activations below! 

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HAND Activation: A Dialogue with Northern Virginia Part 1

HAND Activation: A Dialogue with Northern Virginia Part 2

HAND & Prince George’s County Present Housing As a Racial & Social Justice Issue

HAND, WRAG & Greater Washington Community Foundation Host Regional Housing Access and Equity Forum: Shared Responsibility and Accountability



Check out the latest media coverage of the HIT and key updates from our jurisdictions on achieving our housing goals!