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You’ll get the most out of your HAND membership when you get connected to members, information, and resources that can enhance job performance.

Endless Opportunities to Network & Connect

Join an Affinity Group | Peer to peer sessions for members to share ideas, lessons learned and challenges specific to their sector.

GenerationHAND | An emerging leader initiative designed to support the unique needs of our members who are on the rise within the affordable housing and community development industry. The goal of this initiative is to provide needed tools and guidance to our developing leaders as they pursue successful careers in the public and private sector. See more about this initiative and how to sign up for the GenerationHAND mentorship program.

Follow Us | Keep the conversation going on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out HAND’s YouTube channel for recordings of our virtual trainings!

Annual Meeting & Housing Expo |  The industry’s leading networking event, hosting professionals from across the region who work in various aspects of the affordable housing and community development sector. This annual conference provides HAND members and partners an opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders, connect with each other and celebrate the work HAND members are doing to create thriving communities.  Additionally, the event hosts the Housing Achievement Awards and Children’s Essay Contest presentation!

HAND Member Mixers | A platform for members to strengthen relationships, cultivate new partnerships, and connect with decision-makers or future clients.

Leverage HAND Resources

Explore HAND’s tools and resources to help you perform your job more effectively and set your organization up for success. Take some time to explore:


Housing Indicator Tool (HIT) is a one-of-a-kind platform that provides the most up-to-date information on housing production across the region, with a comparison to established local housing targets. Check out the HIT Hub, where you can access the HIT Dashboard and its companion piece, Compounding Interests, Compounding Inequities: Racism, Housing, and Our Region’s Responsibility to Act.

Racial Equity Resource Center. HAND is committed to reaching beyond the symptoms of inequity to address the root causes that amplify housing disparities and restrict access to opportunity for communities of color. This resource center is for those who are committed to learning and taking action to center their organization’s work around racial equity. In this resource center you’ll find a collection of various topics including; structural racism, implicit bias, white privilege, mass incarceration, and operationalizing racial equity. We encourage you to take advantage of this material.

Access to Capital 

Equity In Action. HAND and Greystone teamed up to create Equity in Action! This initiative honors HAND’s commitment to center racial equity, models for our members what it means to start unraveling racial inequities, and creates equitable solutions aimed at BIPOC real estate developers who are met with the obstacle of accessing the capital needed to execute their plans to revitalize communities. ALL institutional HAND Members are eligible to participate. Developers of color are strongly encouraged to apply. Learn more here.


Coalition Building. HAND is a member of a number of coalitions that are committed to advancing our region’s progress on housing affordability, including the DC Housing Priorities Coalition.

Career Center 

Salary & Benefits Survey provides HAND’s nonprofit members with critical data and information to ensure organizations are competitive in the provision of salaries and benefits offered to their employees.

Employment Listing. Use HAND’s job listings to find new talent for your organization.

Training & Capacity Building

HAND’s Training & Capacity-Building Series includes seminars that are designed to enhance job performance,  and cover timely topics impacting affordable housing and community development. This series is also a wonderful way for members to make valuable connections. Typically we meet in-person, but in cases where it makes most sense to convene virtually, we are prepared to make the appropriate shifts to ensure we can still provide content to our members. As a webcast participant, members can expect the same quality material, expertise from experienced industry professionals and engaging dialogue.

Training Grants. $200 grants available to HAND’s nonprofit members to reduce the cost of professional development training not provided by HAND. Learn more here.



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